The Collective has had reports of a certain colony of humans that has had contact re-established after being separated for thousands of years. Initial reports indicate the presence of ███████ on the planet, but a Collective Ship has been requested to head to the are to corroborate the reports. According to the folklore of the system, a ███████ was trapped in the moon and led to the presence of ███████ for the different species on the planet. The Probe Ship on route has been advised caution, and a Cavalry class is adjusting course to provide backup if necessary. From stray communications that have been picked up from the planet it does not seem that they are at the technological level of The Collective, but due to the ███████ on the planet, it could still pose a legitimate threat. There have been no outward signs of aggression so contact will be attempted peacefully before any threat of weaponry is displayed, as it protocol. Image report attached.


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