Voi is a colony of humans that has a galaxy-unique system of governing. The colony has 12 people that are chosen when they are children for both high intelligence and high enpathy. These 12 people are the act as the lawmakers for the colony, as well as the supreme court that any case can be appealed to. They are raised in very sheltered, almost solitary environments, but they have unlimited access to the virtual space that contains all of the information that other members of the society post on. Not only that, but they have the unique permission to go into virtual space and see the world through the eyes of any citizen at any time. While to some this may seem like an invasion of privacy and the slavery of 12 people, they are considered pivotal to the colony and are treated as such. That being said, they are not allowed many things because their sole purpose is to act as impartial arbiters for the whole society and they cannot do that if they live a life of luxury in their confinement. The seclusion from the colony allows them to picture themselves as any of the members of society, but there is a single consequence of any of their decisions. If 11 of the 12 members decide that the other member is abusing their power or misleading the colony, then they are exiled from the 12 and are forced to enter the colony as the lowest member of the society that they have created. This practice is rarely implemented, but is known by the 12 so that they may make decisions that lead to the benefit of everyone in society, not just a certain class of people.

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